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  • A Guide to Shopping in a Market in Egypt

    2018.06.21 — @fourjandals
    One of the essential experiences to have when travelling in Egypt trip is a day of wandering through a busy, colorful, chaotic bazaar and seeking out the hidden treasures that can be found there. Markets are an important part of the local tradition in Egy

  • One Week in Egypt: My Highlights of Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan

    2018.06.17 — @WanderlandAlex
    In my last post, I gave the whole scoop on my Travel Talk Tour of Egypt — what I liked, what I loved, and what I loathed about the logistics of the tour I painstakingly chose. In this post, we’re getting down to the fun stuff… the magic

  • The First Visit to My Egyptian Oasis

    2018.06.14 — @aishasoasis
    Hi everyone! I’ve found some free time for blogging about my crazy life again so I’m rebooting Aisha’s Oasis by reposting JOYRIDE TO EGYPT Episode 1: My First Cup of Tea in the Oasis My last glimpse of reality was three days prior, July

  • Should You Take a Group Tour in Egypt? Reviewing My Experience with Travel Talk Tours

    2018.06.09 — @WanderlandAlex
    Talk about leaving things to the last minute: literally, I landed in Egypt unsure if I was going to take a group tour or not. I had three nights booked at a lush apartment in Cairo, and after that I had a week in which I’d planned to either hop on

  • Welcome to Egypt: Three Days of Seeking Calm in Cairo’s Chic Maadi

    2018.05.26 — @WanderlandAlex
    Landing in Cairo International Airport, I felt a sense of calm wash over me. I’d been restless for a true adventure for ages, and so while the usual new country nerves were buzzing, the sense of relief I felt at having made a dream into a reality w

  • Egypt: A Treasure Trove of Antiquities

    2018.05.24 — @travelalerts
    Egypt is a world of ancient wonders, a living museum filled with a profusion of tombs, temples, and historic treasures. The chaotic and exotic metropolis of Cairo has some of the world’s most iconic sights, including the last remaining member of the

  • Keep Going in Egypt

    2018.05.21 — @wesaidgotravel
    I took this photo by iPhone 7plus ,no filter The post Keep Going in Egypt appeared first on We Said Go Travel.

  • Science and Zoo Help Museum with Egyptian Animal Mummy Exhibit

    2018.05.04 — @WanderingEds
    Categories: Best OfStoriesBody: When you think of a mummy, you probably think of Egypt. Or maybe you think of the Hollywood movie The Mummy,??starring Brendon Fraser. But what if you were to discover that there are actual mummified animals laid

  • 12 Things to Know Before Traveling to Egypt in 2018

    2018.04.13 — @johnnyjet
    At the close of last year, I arrived at Cairo International (CAI) for the second time in my life. Into the dusty sunshine I walked,... The post 12 Things to Know Before Traveling to Egypt in 2018 appeared first on Johnny Jet.

  • Overland Egypt: Notes for Women Traveling Alone

    2018.04.02 — @bootsnall
    Forget what you saw about Egypt in the news. With the right attitude (and clothing) it's a safe and lovely place to solo travel, even as a woman --Jenn Miller just did.

  • Pic of the Week: Morning Tea in Dahab, Egypt

    2018.03.30 — @SoloTraveler
    While walking along the beach in Dahab, Egypt, a Solo Travel Society member was invited to morning tea by friendly local Bedouins. The post Pic of the Week: Morning Tea in Dahab, Egypt appeared first on Solo Traveler. A new article has been added to Sol

  • What To Do in Two Days in Cairo, Egypt

    2018.03.29 — @gomadnomad
    What to do in two days in Cairo, Egypt Cairo, the capital of Egypt, can be overwhelming. The largest city in the Middle East, with over 20 million people, Cairo is big. And there’s a lot more than the pyramids to see. If you’re time-pressed, y

  • Egypt: An Everlasting Journey

    2018.03.19 — @ACoupleTraveler
    Egypt is the land of pharaohs and pyramids…. And despite the evolution of time, it stays a paradisiac destination which plunges you into uniqueness and antiquity. This destination welcomes you with its majestic Nile, and eye-catching monuments. It

  • Photo of the Week: Dahab, Egypt

    2018.03.14 — @gomadnomad
    Photo of the Week: Dahab, Egypt Half way up the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, Dahab is closer to Saudi Arabia than any other Egyptian settlement of significant size. Wedged between the Gulf of Aqaba (a stretch of the Red Sea) and the stark Sinai mountains, Da

  • Camels and Pyramids in Egypt

    2018.03.12 — @landlopers
    The post Camels and Pyramids in Egypt appeared first on LandLopers.